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Is there an adaptor to use a Jaguar controller on the 7800?


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I found this one, which would physically connect it and at least make it useable with 2600 games and 1 button 7800 games



It doesn't seem clear to me that it will provide the two button functionality that some of the 7800 game library requires.  I'd think they would specify that if it were part of the adapter. 


Any ideas if this adapter is OK for two button 7800 functionality, or if there is another similar adapter that does provide that functionality?

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On 8/19/2022 at 1:32 PM, sirlynxalot said:

...if there is another similar adapter that does provide that functionality?


9 hours ago, Gunther said:

There's a thread - I'm not linking it, but it's on the forum - that's being developed by Danjovic.

This will allow all-buttons' and keypad functionality for the 7800.

The Wolf.


Note though, per Danjovic:


I will NOT produce and sell the hardware, that is why I am releasing the whole project using an open license.

The files are available on the respective GitHub page and documentation on the developer's Hackaday.io page.

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