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Lode Runner™ for Atari 2600


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Incredible! The artwork by David Exton is beyond amazing once again and suits the game perfectly. It's been unbelievable watching this homebrew develop over the years and I'm so excited to see people's reaction once they experience the final result of Dion's hard work! The additional fact that Tozai put their stamp of approval on it just shows how much meticulous care that was put into making this the absolute definitive Atari 2600 version.


I'm incredibly honoured to have its debut on ZeroPage Homebrew in a few weeks! VERY looking forward to it!


- James

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8 minutes ago, sramirez2008 said:

Loved playing this on my C64 and I’ll love playing it on my 2600 even more.  Looking forward to purchasing a copy at PRGE.

Dion has done a truly remarkable job with Lode Runner!  This is another in a long list of games I never thought I'd see so faithfully produced on the Atari 2600!  I first played this on an Apple II, and then when I purchased my first home computer, an Atari 800XL, I got to really appreciate it. 

8 minutes ago, sramirez2008 said:

Just 55 days away from PRGE ‘22

Don't you be counting down the days, la la la la lalala la la, I can't hear you!



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10 hours ago, Dionoid said:
    • How I got rid of "Lives" and "Game Over" and replaced it with modern gameplay design practices: unlockable levels and a bonus timer.


Thank-you for this. I love the idea of applying modern day gameplay ideas to older platforms. It can be surprisingly effective.


Really looking forward to the demo.


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