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Help the Noob! Intellivision



I apologize in advance if I do anything wrong here; this is my first post on my first forum account..lol

About a week ago I started revisiting the current homebrew scenes for old consoles, and was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information and positive atmosphere that exists for the Intellivision!  I revisited my old model 2 and after playing a few games and seeing some of the homebrew videos available on YouTube, I really felt the urge to try and learn coding through Oscar's IntyBasic language.  I planned to purchase both of his books on the subject, but figured I would use GRay Defender's video walk-through of the first two chapters before I committed.  So that leads to the current issues I'm facing:


1.) When copying files into the "intybasic" folder, "SDL.dll" and "libwinpthread-1.dll" don't appear in the latest download of JZINTV   (as1600 and jzintv were both present)

-went ahead and tried to continue following the video anyway-

2.) Opened up my notepad (text editor in Linux I'm running) and wrote the hello world program down, but when I try to compile said program (hello.bas hello.asm), I receive the error of "intybasic: command not found".


I admittedly lack much of any prior experience with programming.  I took (and passed!) a C++ intro class in college, but felt lost the entire time.  As much as I love the nerd culture, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to this aspect of it.  I really would like to give this foray into IntyBasic my best shot, though I do wonder how much hand-holding it will take before I build a solid foundation...

Anyway, if anyone with a bit of free time feels like teaching the greenie, I'd greatly appreciate it!



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@carlsson I found DZ's post for the SDK, but it looks like it only supports Windows and Mac, whereas I'm currently running a Linux build.  I do realize that stacks some stability against me out of the gate, so I may designate another computer for coding trials.

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