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Returning to the HSC is the challenging platformer Conan the Barbarian?!... oops he's not a barbarian, he's a very naughty boy :-D







 Found this great post from ballyalley last time we played:

On 6/24/2015 at 4:57 AM, ballyalley said:

I found some a short review of "Conan" from Antic:


I'd forgotten how much disk access that "Conan" requires. This will be one that I'll probably only play only under emulation for that reason. Playing on real hardware would be fun, but slow.

The manuals for "Conan" were not on AtariMania, so I dug them up from other sites. I couldn't find the Atari version, but I found the C64 version (which is about the same, but references the function keys F1-F7 rather than the Start, Select and Option):



Conan (1985)(Datasoft)(C64)(Manual).pdf 456.15 kB · 101 downloads


Here is a similar version of the manual, but without artwork and no references to any computer. Perhaps this was a generic manual for a re-release:


Conan (Famous Famous)(Manual).pdf 441.6 kB · 71 downloads


I recalled ten levels, but the box and manual say that "Conan" only has seven levels, which makes more sense, because we always had time to get to the last level (or nearly always) before class was over.


One last thing about "Conan." Is it a bonus game, meaning it's only worth one point for playing, or is it round that shares two games-- both worth up to ten points?

Round closes in about two weeks, prob not going to get my play in until late in the round.


If anyone finds a suitable "small" bonus game  please post :idea:



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First on the board!  51140, level 5.


I don't remember how far I got back in the 80s but I don't remember level 5 like I did the other levels so if I did it wasn't very often LOL.


I admit I voted for this in part because it would let me use the FujiNet disk swap.  I love hearing SAM say "disk two" 🤣  Although I did really enjoy this game as a teen and definitely had a lot of fun remembering how it works just now.


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Conan: 35,790


Not sure why I've never played this one much. It reminds me of The Goonies (for good reason - it has the same publisher and most of the same programmers/graphic designers) and I LOVED that one. Looking forward to getting a bit farther into this game.

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6 hours ago, MichaG said:

Btw, here is an Atarimax-image.

I found that myself yesterday (I bought myself an MyIDE II cart for my recent birthday, and figured I'd reuse my existing 8MB carts for something else when I found it on their forums).


If you have an 8MB cart and don't mind flashing it this is definitely worth it IMO.  Loads *much* faster and there is no swapping disks obviously (being a cartridge).


I still haven't beaten my best score but will definitely keep trying :)

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227,340 Level 7 (End)


Conan looks likes the Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman had a love child in the screen below ;-)


This game was agnony on some screens (most) so slow and almost at a crawl.


Its no Lode Runner for sure! ;-)


Still fun though and made me play it.


I guess you could point harvest is you keep going back to level 6 loop. But that would be a bit masochistic.



So I must now search of more high adventure in a bonus game ;-)


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43 minutes ago, therealbountybob said:

Well done to those who have finished Conan HOV - thine quest continues for a bonus game and report back here!

I just tried Barbarian...and got my butt handed to me.  It's a Street Fighter/MK style game and the CPU opponent doesn't screw around.  He immediately charged in and creamed my corn!  :)

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2 hours ago, Deteacher said:

I just tried Barbarian...and got my butt handed to me.  It's a Street Fighter/MK style game and the CPU opponent doesn't screw around.  He immediately charged in and creamed my corn!  :)

Also, tried this one the other day as well. I also was handed a good kick'in. Very hard. Almost beat the CPU once.

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Main game:

Conan - 13500 pts, level 3


Very challenging. My scores from the first 16 games were 0, 0, 6500, 0, 6500, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 6500, 6500, 6500, 8500, 13500 pts. Then I gave up for the day.


Bonus games:

Barbarian [LK Avalon] - 1400 pts.

This is a port of Palace Software's game for the C64, Atari ST etc, but it plays thrice as fast as the C64 does but in 1/3 of the colour resolution. Not that fun to play when it is that fast and hard.

Barbarian [New Age Software] - no score.

This is a prototype with much more colourful and detailed graphics than the LK Avalon version. It only supports two players, has no score and seems to have no way to restart the game. Shame, because it probably could have become a decent Barbarian clone if it was finished.


Terminator, The [Brothers Productions] - 900 pts.

Like the comments said on Atarimania, it has not much to do with the Terminator movie except the main character kind of resembles Arnold. You meet several kinds of foes including dogs and dinosaurs, and fall down into the underworld where you pick up things. Too bad that in many places you fall so deep that you can't get up without using Esc to return to the start position. More of a joke than a serious game.


I also tried to load the Barbarian preview by Mark Keates, but the .COM file wouldn't load on my SIO2SD and I didn't bother trying to solve it.


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