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Microlabs Inc?

Captain Cozmos

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Miner 2049er

The Heist

Boulder Dash

and Vaporware


I have been looking online but can not find any legacy or who they were sold too.
Contacts or what not.


Anyone?  Please help if you know something.

Micro Labs inc. seems to be the the parent company of Micro Fun which is on the games.

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MicroLab was founded by Stan Goldberg...




The late Mike Hatlak was their head of development...




"Micro Fun" was just a brand name they used on entertainment software.  They used "Micro Home" on home productivity programs, and so on...



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Is this different than the Micro-Labs that made the hi-res Grafyx Solution board for the TRS-80 line?  I have quite a bit of their disk based software for my Model III, which is compatible with the Radio Shack board.


Never heard of them making games for home consoles. 

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