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Potato Chips En Masse!


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Nothing much new. I just tidied up the title screen a little.


I have about 600 bytes left to put in two new level designs. I don't want to bump this up to 8k and then be left with a whole bunch of unused space. That, and I forgot how to make an 8k game. And I don't have any ideas for new levels I could draw in here. No desert, though, it's too bright and orangey.

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I was sleepy, so I went back to bed. While laying in bed, it hit me: THE MOON. I could make a level that takes place on the moon. With lovely yellow dots for stars. So I made that. And I have 400 bytes left. So I think I can design 1 more level and still have room left over for the necessary changes I want the game to make should the player go past level 6.





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I think I finished it. I added level 6 and the ending.


it loops back to level 1, but the onion rings (should) still have homing missiles .

Level 6 is the beach, complete with palm trees.


Let me know if you spot any bugs.


. changed sand in level 6.

. made it so score stays 9999 if 9999 is passed.


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I came back to this for no good reason. It doesn't look like it's going to get a proper release even though I programmed it all in assembly and the scan line is stable. I added some things:

  • If missiles collide, both missiles stop firing and disappearing.
  • Upon dying, you need to press fire to continue unless you lost your last life.

I have 73 bytes left. I think I did well fittng 6 different levels (and a boss minilevel) in 4k. What say you?


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