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Need Help with Graphic Glitches

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I recently found my old Nintendo and wanted to bring it back to life.  At first I had the blinking light and managed to fix that and then I proceeded to bend the pin connector tabs.  I finally have it working and displaying the games without having to push the cartridge down.  I am getting some weird graphic things that I am not sure what is causing it.  I have tried cleaning everything but it happens with every game.  I have attached some pictures to show what is happening.  It put's some stuff on the side of the screen or things just don't show up.  I know the wavy lines are probably the capacitors but would that also be the issue for the graphics.  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks.




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Since you pulled the pins, have you tried to boil them for 5min then use a cleaning kit to grip/wipe the sludge off them from decades of funk?  If so, then I hate to say it, but odds are you're looking at soldering work from a bad/weak joint upwards to having to replace a dying PPU chip.

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Yes.  I boiled the connector and bent the pins.  That got it to finally read all the games but every one still has the same kind of issue.  I guess I need to switch the gpu. All of the solder joints look clean and nice.  I'm not sure what else it could be.  Do those usually go bad?  I may try my hand at desoldering getting the old chip out before trying to find a new one. 

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The PPU is a known for failure, not like some high percentage thing, but I've seen stories about them degrading over the last decade with a little more frequency.  Not really a surprise or a large amount to be alarmed, but it is like 40 year old chips given the tech was slapped into the 1983 Famicom.  I'd try the solder thing, it couldn't hurt, unless you somehow ruin it on accident. :)

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