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Atari Falcon keyboards (UK layout) for sale NOS

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I found NOS Atari Falcon keyboards in storage. Never used. I opened one up and it is as clean as if it fell from the belts of the factory. I am adding pictures. So if anyone wants to replace his old Falcon keyboard with a new one (UK layout) or wants to beef up his stock ST, drop me a line. Price is (incl. worldwide registered shipping) 119 EUR. Hopefully no further restrictions of postal services due to "pandemic reasons" will be applied later this year.

Please note: At first sight I found two and offered them in the Atari Jaguar section. Being surprised about the interest I had another look and found some more (the German keyboard is not for sale. I need this one).2022-08-22_14-24-25_IMG_6111.thumb.JPG.e9358f33e13e308faca8f1aa4a744c06.JPG

Please send me a PM if you are interested. Enjoy your days!









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On 6/20/2024 at 10:24 PM, Lavalamp said:

Hi, keen on a UK US keyboard for my Falcon, happy to purchase or swap my German keyboard.

Yeah, I have been looking for ages for a US keyboard for my falcon, as the one I have is a UK one with an incorrect key... Finally gave up and put an ST keyboard on it, but it looks funny...

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