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Help researching a YouTube video on the 7800


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On 9/2/2022 at 3:27 PM, ZylonBane said:

Who besides professional collectible flippers even cares about the market value of their games? I buy games that I want because I want them, not because they're an investment.

I have had a lot of feedback from non collectors who found it really interesting.  In most cases because they had a colecovision as kids and it jogged a memory or two and they think it’s neat that their childhood system isn’t total garbage. 

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On 9/2/2022 at 7:46 PM, fiddlepaddle said:

As a collector, the value of the games means very little when I first get a game, but becomes very important when I must decide what to do with what I no longer want.

I agree. I collect thinking that i am just going to keep and enjoy everything. But every now and then you find yourself with duplicate items and in that case i am happy to find the price of something has gone up since the last time I looked at it. 

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If anyone is interested, I finally finished this video. Got a bit slowed down by a new position at my day job leaving me with a lot less extra time to work on any hobbies. However this pause meant that I was able to pick up a 7800 flash cart from my buddy @TheRealOC. That was nice as it meant i didn’t have to buy a copy of tank command to capture game footage,  Anyway, please feel free to roast me in the comments about how inaccurate these prices are!! 





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