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Does anyone use the Hyperkin Ranger on the 7800?


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I have a ranger that works flawlessly on both my Retron 77 and Flashback 2 but is very squirrelly on both of my 7800s. Sometimes it works fine and other times it's all screwed up. This usually happens after you change modes (turning the system off, unplugging the controller, switching mode and then turning everything on does not help. ) It doesn't get back to a working state until I play it for a bit on one of the systems where it consistently works.  Knowing Hyperkin, I wouldn't be surprised if there was sloppy wiring involved. 


Just curious if anyone else here uses one and it works as intended and I got a bad unit or they just don't like 7800's. 

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22 minutes ago, MrMaddog said:

The controller has a paddle that sends analog signals that the 7800 uses to detect which side button was pressed, so that's what screwing it up.


You'll need a pure 2600 compatible joystick that has no paddle knob on it...

So it is just a compatibility issue with Rangers and 7800s. I have seagull 78 adapter so I will just stick with that and original paddles for the 7800. 

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