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Homebrew section - is it ok...



.. To start a topic covering a vast array of games covering completely different consoles, include self promotion, heavy use of double posting, and advertising paid features such as patreon for extra features?


I'm finding that I want to expand out of the fairchild channel F topic as I'm looking into other systems now, but feel that doing a new topic for each game might be overkill. There is probably 2 types of homebrewers, those that make quality games over months and years, and those that make broken rubbish in hours and days that are just about passable. I'm in the second section! ;) The other reason is sometimes even in the channel F thread I might have a new game or release ready days after my last post when nobody has read or downloaded that either (hahaha! guess that says something right!)


I would like to have one topic for all my stuff, perhaps even mentioning things I did 20 years ago too, while pushing my badly designed website and never supported patreon. This also means if there is anyone who is genuinely interested in stuff I make there is a one stop place here on AA they can find it, rather than me posting it everywhere else on the site and it getting lost.


I'm conscious that in some cases, it might just be me posting to myself about any new releases but I'm happy to keep it to a set limit (1 a day, 2 a week or whatever) and edit the first post as a form of directory for the thread.


I also want to branch out into perhaps livestreaming or recording coding, perhaps even doing examples of code for the obscure systems like the channel F so there is some more reference material on how things practically work for people like me that find the original documentation a bit dense sometimes, and although I would like to promote patreon pretty much everything I've been doing and will do will still be free to download.


My concerns are:


1) It might seem spammy if its just me messaging every update I do

2) It might look like I'm trying to push my topic up to the top of the front page for exposure

3) "The blog feature is the better place for this" but I find its too hidden and I'll forget about it myself


The benefits might be:


1) My sanity of keeping everything in one place (perhaps just a benefit for me, not for anyone else)

2) People who are interested in obscure consoles or things I've made have a one stop thread to see it all.

3) People can see it was started by "Mikebloke" and tap the ignore thread button so they never have to see it ever again

4) There might be more but I don't see it.



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