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My TI-74 / TI-324 system - Battery standby time

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TI-74 Basicalc and TI-324 printer endurance test for more than 9 months


Hello, everyone,


On September 22nd, I put new batteries in the TI-74 computer and TI-324 printer and loaded a small test program onto the 8K Ram card.


I wanted to test how long a set of batteries can operate the small system in standby.


For this purpose I switched on the TI-74 several times a month, started the program and printed out a text line "Test on date".


I was able to do that for a period of more than 9 months.


The system ran until July 30, 2022 and then showed an I/O error after printing.

The printer image also became very pale, as can be seen on the printout.


image.thumb.jpeg.eb361c2784248aec0a0586b3c88035d0.jpeg  image.thumb.jpeg.48fd5fbc7f6769cb66f23a5085e9b63e.jpeg



The TI-74 still ran without problems, but the printer battery was too weak to use the printer.


I replaced the batteries in both devices and ran the test again. Let's see if the devices will be ready for operation for a second time.

I expect the result in April/May 2023.


Here is the documentation of the test on the printout:

image.thumb.jpeg.15199584ff3921f1365ac06da46acee5.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.152b594b7ddcc494aca6a9940bb8291a.jpeg







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