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I just met Stephen Munnings.


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4 hours ago, rietveld said:

Worked at the coleco trade shows.  Developed the copy program back in 1985.  He told me Coleco would only green light him selling the program after the Adam was discontinued.. He said the program is in the public domin

Do we have it somewhere in the "great somewhere"


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13 hours ago, rietveld said:


GameSave.com spread like wildfire around the ADAM Community and can be found on numerous CP/M disk image compilations. I even seen one recently where a person in Canada inserted his own name and address that is displayed… I did not compare the two versions to see if there are any differences or improvements.


It’s a nice cart dumper that creates a 33K executable COM file (32K for the cart dump and 1K header) and will work in either CP/M or T-DOS. I recently made new disk images for it that are available on the ADAM Archive.


It’s really no surprise that he Stephen didn’t make any money from his work… a lot of programmers worked on projects in 1984/85 that ended up going nowhere or saw very little in sales due to limited avenues of getting the word out and distribution.



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