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AppleSqueezer GS - Brain Surgery, It Lives!


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Today I successfully pulled the 65816 from my Apple IIGS and replaced it with the AppleSqueezer GS which I got in the mail on the 24th. I started working on it a couple days ago, using a small flathead screwdriver trying to slowly pry it up. Unfortunately I wasn't having any success. Then I found this video here:

After watching this video and seeing him use a regular size flathead screwdriver I decided to give it a try. I don't know if trying with smaller screwdriver first might have helped but by using the regular one I was able to easily pull the 65816 out of the motherboard. It took a little work to get the AppleSqueezer GS properly seated but it was finally done. Now my GS is running at 14MHz and has 14MB of memory.


Thank you Niek for creating this wonderful cpu replacement/memory expansion plug in. I've been wanting an accelerator for the GS for the longest time, but couldn't justify the ridiculous prices for either the Zip GS or the Transwarp GS. The AppleSqueezer GS may not support DMA but for my purposes DMA is a non-starter.


Between the AppleSqueezer GS, the DarkSound card I recently bought and the CFFA3K, that I've had since about the first or second run Rich Dreher built, my GS is about as tricked out as I feel I need it to  be.


Again Niek thank you for this great product!



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