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Bunny Hop: a game by Fandal, PG and friends made for the ABBUC SW Contest 2022


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Let me introduce our contribution to this year's ABBUC Software contest. Bunny Hop is a single-player puzzle game coded by @Fandal, with graphics and music by me. The LZSS/RMT audio driver was provided by @VinsCool. Additional concepts and ideas by Leopold, @twh/f2's son.


The game is based on a board game "JumpIN'". The objective of the game is to get the rabbits into their holes. I won't go into detail regarding game rules, you may get a better idea by watching the video below.


Due to the amount of graphics and animations, the minimum hardware configuration is an Atari 130 XE with a storage device that can load XEX files. There are separate binaries for PAL and NTSC systems, with adjusted music speed and palette.


The game will be released for free after the contest results have been announced.




All screenshots and video footage in this post have been captured from real hardware (PAL Atari 800XE).

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Maybe a few more words about the design and the development.


Fandal and I were looking for a simple enough kid-game concept for quite a while. We were looking to create an Atari game that specifically targets kids in the age of 4-6 years.

One day my 5 year old son found the game JumpIn' in our local library. To me it was clear that's the game to implement.


Then we asked PG to create some GFX concept screens and he quickly adapted the direction to create a real kid-friendly "cuty-game". His graphics and his constant pushing to Fandal as the coder made a difference like "CGA to VGA" (his own words *g)

(The used color pallete is really pushed!!)


My son was involved in the project on many design questions, for instance the way to control the bunnies or the behaviour of the bunnies like they are saying "Bye!" when the level is completed.

Also the background story, the name of the game, as well as the end screen scene are more or less his inspiration. He also beta-tested the game and of course found a few weird bugs.


That way we created a real kid-game. I hope that you Atarians with kids in the relevant age also enjoy the game. Let us know how you liked to play the game..


Many thanks to Fandal, PG, Vinscool and Solaris for finalizing this project. You guys rock...



\Thomas & Leopold

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Nice game, but is the fire button speed meant to be so sensitive?


I like the game a lot, but it's a little frustrating when you think you have deselected the rabbit but find out you deselected it and reselected it in a blink of an eye...

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5 minutes ago, pseudografx said:

I have never had any issues with fire, perhaps your joystick needs service or you have autofire turned on?

It was under Altirra, and I'd managed to map button one as an auto-fire as well as a standard button..DOH!


My apologies for the incorrect report..

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Bunny Hop as part of the ABBUC Software Contest 2022 Playthrough: Part 1 on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us! We will be playing the rest of the games in Part 2 on Tuesday's stream!






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During the stream session with @larek and Borsuk, a bug in joystick handling was found, which makes the game hard to control if your joystick has heavy jitter/bounce (i.e. some microswitch- and arcade-type joysticks). The bug was identified and @matosimi came up with a fix, which is now online at Fandal's web. Thanks to everyone involved.

Direct download link:



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