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2022 Atari 2600 Games Prototypes

Erik Zimmermann

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Some notes from trying these out:

  • Looks like FlagCarRacing/FlagCarRacing24/FlagCarRacing25 incorporate the Rockford Files theme I shared. It's neat to hear it in a game prototype. The sprites of people look good!
  • I like the action and graphics in many of these! I like the scrolling and Sinistar-like gameplay of 9ShipMissile. The maze in 12CatDogPostman is also cool.
  • There are so many game prototypes at once here, and they all look like they would be good games if you continue to develop them!
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Am a young boy who is disappointed that he hasn't completely finished writing an Atari 2600 game. I need a little success this year.
Would like to further develop the ladder_Zuhause_sonntag_v0.0.6.bas. Firefighter saves people. Fireball falls on the fireman's head.
Need better random for position for people.

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