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Move threads into this subforum?

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 Would be nice if @Albertcould help us move a collection of 990 threads into this sub forum. Some that I recall are  from  the DS990 owners: 





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Good idea. I'm also thinking it might be better to ALL the 990 stuff in either it's own subforum, or in the one I propose for the TIPC, et al. It's a good subject for discussion anyway. Historically there was a divide between the Home Computer Division and DSG, but also the TIPC had a subforum on the CIS TI forum, so there's precedent for aggregating as well. It's kind of schizoid, and maybe one of the causes for TI leaving the computer market altogether, but it's historical. (Marketing wanted a game console so as not to tick off DSG as much as for marketing reasons, eg. the parents with kids and FOMO, understandable, but competing with Vic 20, sheesh 🙂  Engineers built a real, if hobbled, computer anyway. ) And I'm sure people looking for Tomy Tutor stuff and other obscure TMS9900 related systems probably aren't all that interested in minicomputers, workstations, Unix systems, array processors, vector machines, AI, etc. And vice versa. No shortage of console coverage here or else where. Save some time not having to sift through it all, eh?


Discuss and defend, etc.



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What about a subforum for non-9900 TI products, which represents the inverse of this forum?  Where folks could also talk about TI-74s or whatever else? 


As currently defined, this forum calls itself a Subforum for standalone non-4A systems with a 16 bit CPU belonging to the TMS99xxx processor family


Which does I think make sense. 


But why not have the opposite, as well?  Non-TI-99 TI products (regardless of whether they share the TI-99's architecture), instead of (as this forum addresses) non-TI-99 products sharing its architecture (regardless of whether they were made by TI). 

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Thought of that myself, but it's tricky. There's overlap between the 99 and the 990. For example the file systems of the 99 derive from those of the mini. The console operating system borrows a lot from the 990 and the intelligent terminals. Then also, there's overlap between the 990 and TI-based Business Systems like the BS300, and the AT class Intel based and  Motorola Unix ones, and even the TIPC family.  DNIO, Keyed Index Files, COBOL, SNA, SCSI, and so on, for instance. You'd really need two levels of subforum to do this justice, and the taxonomy is all wrong if you're starting with the 99/4A, instead of TI, anyway. That train has left the station, however, so if we're restricted to one subforum level, I'd suggest a separate subforum for consumer-oriented machines, and another for commercial or PC ones. Use the existing not-99 TI-based subforum for the former, and a new one for the latter, moving the 990 stuff into that. Maybe one more for calcs, PDAs, etc, regardless of CPU.

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I find it interesting that the subforum says it is for "non-4A systems with a 16 bit CPU belonging to the TMS99xxx processor family", given it has CC40 there in the name.


Minor oversight during the forging of the compact, I assume.



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