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STar Fleet HQ's Space Empire Elite tournament begins today!


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Just a reminder for those who know... and a notification for those who didn't, today marks the start of STar Fleet HQ's SEE tournament.


$50 prize for the Space Lord... $25 for the runner up... $25 for the player who takes out the Satharians (all prizes are in US Dollars)


We had probably about 6ish players in last month's "Just for fun" practice tournament, so we're hoping for a good time.


STar Fleet HQ can be reached at bbs . sfhqbbs . org : 5983 (raw connection is preferred).  If you haven't called a BBS before, you can get some information on the Atari 8-bit BBS thread or from the Atari BBS Gurus club "BBS Callers" resources. https://forums.atariage.com/forum/223-bbs-callers/


There is also SyncTerm for the PC crowd... https://syncterm.bbsdev.net/   For SFHQ, you'll want to use ANSI, but SyncTerm does a great job with ATASCII for the 8-bit BBS's as well, and you can find more at http://sfhqbbs.org/ataribbslist.php


Looking forward to seeing you there!


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... and what an interesting tournament that was!


Congratulations to Jason Young, or new Space Lord, Atari8Guy, our 1st runner up (if for any reason our Space Lord is unable to carry out his duties.....) and Klepto, Slayer of Satharians!


We're going to take October off, but we're looking forward to trying again (with a little twist) in November or so, so stay tuned!

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