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Anybody have a hacked Androman on the Moon rom?


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We created a reproduction of the Androman prototype along with his moon mat. It will be on display at the Vintage computer festival midwest 17 in 1 week.

I plan to have him displayed along with the prototype rom available to play.

But i wondered if anybody had ever had success in hacking the game so it doesn't crash after each game or when you die.

Or so that the game can be reset instead of having to power the atari on and off every time you try it again.

It would make it a much more enjoyable experience for the display for the public.

If anybody has a version like this please share it ....or dare I ask if someone could try to do that hack before next Friday :)

I'm sure the right person could make quick work of doing it....happy to throw a few bucks the way of anyone who might be willing to as well if no suck hack already exists.





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