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Games where you destroy dreadnaughts


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I caught myself recently playing games where you strafe the surface of large ships - be they in space or on water.  I was wondering how deep this genre goes.  Here are some games I've been playing recently that fit this description

  • Dreadnaught Factor - Intellivision (also on A8 computers and 5200)
  • Uridium - C64 (and many platforms)
  • Last Starfighter - NES <- basically just a reskin of Uridium
  • Uridium 2 - Amiga
  • 1943 - multi

What are some other games where you have to strafe the surface of an enemy ship, take out the guns and drop it?  I'm thinking X-Wing probably has this, what else?

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I haven't heard of that. I'll have to check it out.  Edit - looks like a straight Uridium clone.  I wonder if it is more fun . . .


I forgot to mention Hyper Sentinel which is basically a modern remake of Uridium.  I guess Star Wars fits in this category as well and maybe Zaxxon too.

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I've been chatting about this around the net (as you do) and heard some recommendations for less "twitchy" games.


Descent Freespace (and Freespace 2)

Independence War

Battlehawks 1942


And here's a link I found to GNB:  Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43 for DOS (1992) - MobyGames

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There's a free PC shmup called Warning Forever where you just battle endless giant dreadnoughts. You don't strafe over them, but you have to gradually pick off their weapon systems and eventually destroy their core. They get larger and larger as the game goes on. 

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