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How to generate a 32KB ROM without CCI3


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Since I have moved on with a new laptop with Window 11, I can't get old java based stuff working.  So I don't know how to generate a 32KB ROM with Cygwin.  And I only know how to use ckmkcart.exe, but that one only generate bankswitching ROM.  I don't remember or have a way for CCI3 to show the command that would make a 32KB cart. Anyone know how to make it?

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I have generated 32kb roms still with cygwyn. I define only the first 2 banks the main and bank 1. No bankswitch will be necessary as it will detect it as a 32kb when compiling. I'm not sure if you can run over 16kb in bank 1 but to be safe assume you can't and have 2 16kb banks.


    ;; Ordering of segments for the linker - copied from sdcc crt0.s
    .area _HOME
    .area _CODE

        .ascii "LinkTag:Fixed\0"    ; also to ensure there is data BEFORE the banking LinkTags
        .area _main            ; to work around a bug that drops the first AREA: tag in the ihx
        .area _sound2                          ;sound fx

        .area _INITIALIZER
    .area _GSINIT
    .area _GSFINAL
    ;; banking (must be located before the RAM sections)
    .area _bank1
        .ascii "LinkTag:Bank1\0"
                ;.area _area1
                .area _main_init_bank2
                .area _sound7                       ;pMusic_7 pMusic_2 = 4 songs & dog fx

                .area _GRAPHICS_TABLES
                .area _player                       ; the music player
                .area _title_screen

;    .area _bank2
;        .ascii "LinkTag:Bank2\0"
;                ;.area _area2



cygwyn window output below:


$ make
sdcc -mz80 --no-std-crt0 "-Wl -b_bank1=0xc000"  --code-loc 0x8100 --data-loc 0x7000 crt0.rel main.rel main_init_bank2.rel GRAPHICS_TABLES.rel title_screen.rel player.rel sound2.rel sound7.rel cvlib.lib getput.lib comp.lib
makemegacart.exe -map crt0.s crt0.ihx BOOT_HILL.rom
Succeeded reading map, found 13 segments
Segment _bank1 in bank 1
Segment _main_init_bank2 in bank 1
Segment _GRAPHICS_TABLES in bank 1
Segment _title_screen in bank 1
Segment _player in bank 1
Segment _sound7 in bank 1
2 banks detected
This is not a megacart - writing normal Coleco cart ROM

=  ======  =======  ======  =====  ===============
X  n/a     0x00000  0x8000    191  BOOT

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