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MDS-990 microcode development system

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What was this, exactly? Looking for info, docs, bits, anything related. 2264445-9701 is the PN for "Model 990 MDS-990 Microcode Development System Programmer's Guide". Possibly relevant and looks interesting in any case: 2250081-9701 "Instruction Simulation Package User's Guide". Neither seems to be online anywhere I can see. Thanks for any help!



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Yes, MDS-990 is supposed to include a microcode assembler and a utility to convert the resulting code to the correct binary format. There is a different layout of the bitfields between the assembler output and how they're stored in ROM or the WCS, according to the /12 hardware manual. 


Aware of the MIXER paper, still looking into it. Nice catch, though. Thing to bear in mind here is that MIXER was for microcode. Wouldn't necessarily have any bearing on any putative 99120 macrostore code, ie 99xxx object code, and I have no idea if TI was involved in any way with MIXER.



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