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Mr. Do's Wild Ride


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In an android-based colecovision emulator software package, I recently acquired a ROM of a game for the Colecovision called MR. DO'S WILD RIDE.


I have never heard anything about this game. I didn't know it even existed for the Colecovision


I am assuming that it was never released on cartridge, but I could be wrong.  It does not show up on the list of games on cvaddict.com


I believe it is a conversion of the MSX console game but I am not 100% sure.





The game screen states the year "2004 Colecovision conversion by Steve Begin"


and it states "COLPAX"     Perhaps that is the programmer's nickname


Does anyone know anything about this?


Does anyone own the game on cartridge?


I would like to know if an instruction manual exists for it?  maybe for the MSX console?


I also found a youtube video about the gameplay from a number of years ago:





I have attached the ROM of the file.  Check it out!  Is it 100% complete?










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Colpax were the publisher of the MSX version of the game:






Steve Begin did indeed create this ColecoVison port of the MSX game (2006) but as far as I'm aware it was not finished - although what was left to do I do not know.  The rom has been in the public domain for many years.

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26 minutes ago, Captain Cozmos said:

Feel free to post even more mysterious roms you come across so I can disassemble them.

It’s on the Archive in the CV-Cartridges-Homebrew section. If a rom isn’t on the Archive, then it hasn’t been released freely or in the very rare case… I don’t know about it.

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Newbie here... I just found this ROM yesterday,  I couldn't find any boxart for it, but did find something close, so I altered it to look like Coleco 2D box,

-- better than nothing..........

I LUV this game! I didn't realize new Coleco games were still popping up for the last 25+ years. My original machine is still packed away from when I moved in 1996 (TONS OF CARTS \ and Atari).

I'm getting into emulation now -- Super Console X Pro.


I did make other more recent hard to find Coleco game 2d boxes also.

Mr. Do's Wild Ride-image.png

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Wow I was hoping someone would "do" this game! (Sorry)


Anyone check this out all the way through?  It would be cool if ColecoVision became the platform that hosts all the titles of Mr Do (prior to the Neo Geo games anyway).


Along those lines, this is the missing title!  Has anyone here who is familiar with the arcade version played it enough to see if it's stable or maybe even finished?

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