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Season 13 ~ Week 5 ~ Gold Medal Winner Pick


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Week 5

Gold Medal Pick

By Kermit

Battlezone  (Game 1)


CLARIFICATION: No use of CHEATS, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that gives you an unfair advantage in this HSC. Please assume you have to follow the game difficulty and mode for the playing week/s. There cannot be any game enhancements or favorite settings to play in the 2600 HSC, unless you are given authorization to do so by your humble yet strict MODERATOR! Vocelli



Released By:  Atari

Left Difficulty: B

Right Difficulty: B

Game Mode: 1



Post your scores right here in this thread, and we will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else.

The deadline for posting scores is Midnight (EST) the evening of Sept 18 2022



Play Combat by Atari bonus game by Kermit

Bonus rules:

Post your highest single player score from any game on the cartridge.

 You may choose ANY of the 27 game variations, any difficulty switch setting, and any ONE joystick (i.e. you get to choose which tank/airplane to use, but you are not allowed to use a second joystick to maneuver the opponent).

 Choose the configuration which will maximize the number of times you can send your unmanned opponent spinning.


Bonus points are awarded as follows:

Top score = 5 points

1 point below top score = 4 points

2-3 points below top score = 3 points

4-5 points below top score = 2 points

6+ points below top score = 1 point 



Battlezone Scores

Game Mode: 1


440000 - Kermit (+50)

308000 - Vocelli (+49)

193000 - LordInnit (+48)

130000 - AtariWarlord (+47)

122000 - SkippyBCoyote (+46)

107000 - JacobZu7Zu7 (+45)

  99000 - McCallister (+44)

  87000 - RetroRob (+43)

  86000 - JasonHRB (+42)

  82000 - AliceTwoPointOh (+41)

  82000 - AtariSphinx (+41)

  80000 - Keilbaca (+39)

  76000 - Rickster (+38)

  65000 - Tituzzz (+37)

  64000 - Absalon (+36)

  60000 - LaurenTyler (+35)

  59000 - Evandro (+34)

  58000 - JasonAtari (+33)

  55000 - MoisesTuseto (+32)

  51000 - DrMooCowz (+31)

  49000 - TheActivisionary (+30)

  49000 - Mchetzel (+30)

  48000 - CrazyClimber (+28)

  44000 - FakeCortex (+27)

  44000 - Chavert (+27)

  43000 - JGKspsx (+25)

  43000 - Krytol (+25)

  42000 - RGC5 (+23)

  41000 - GBAG (+22)

  40000 - Deteacher (+21)

  40000 - Atarian7 (+21)

  34000 - DomBradley (+19)




Combat Bonus Scores

See Special Instructions


51 - Mccallister (+5)

48 - Rickster (+3)

47 - Kermit (+2)

46 - Deteacher (+2)

45 - JGKspsx (+1)

45 - AtariSphinx (+1)

45 - Absalon (+1)

44 - SkippyBCoyote (+1)

43 - JasonHRB (+1)

43 - RetroRob (+1)

39 - LordInnit (+1)

38 - LaurenTyler(+1)

35 - DrMooCowz (+1)

34 - Vocelli (+1)

34 - Mchetzel (+1)

30 - AtariWarlord (+1)

29 - ClassicGamer (+1)

29 - JasonAtari (+1)

26 - DomBradley (+1)

24 - RetroRob (+1)

24 - Krytol (+1)

23 - TheActivisionary (+1)

22 - Chavert (+1)

21 - RGC (+1)

19 - Evandro (+1)

14 - FakeCortex (+1)

10 - Moises (+1)



 Overall Standings

 Remember... The Top 24 will qualify for the end of season tourny!!!!


244     AtariSphinx
232     AliceTwoPointOh
231     Kermit
223     Absalon
223     Deteacher
219     McCallister
216     JasonHRB
200     SkippyBCoyote
199     Dr Moocowz
190     JasonAtari
176     Keilbaca
174     Tituzzz
170     Atari_Warlord
170     Vocelli
169     JGKspsx
167     Evandro
158     DomBradley
156     Chavert 
149     RaymanC
145     MoisesTuseto
139     Rickster
138     Atarian7
138     Mchetzel
134     TheActivisionary
133     GBAG
133     JacobZu7Zu7
130     FakeCortex
129     JeremiahJT
128     LaurenTyler
122     ClassicGamer
119     CrazyClimber
100     Krytol
91     RGC
70     Lord Innit
70     RetroRob
65     AdamChevy
63     p1Fq03
60     RetroBreakout
58     JeremiahK
52     RedMiller
50     Capitain Classic
40     Tripled
34     CXK
28     FiveX7
26     IntellivisionMaster
24     Nebulus
13     Jblenkle


Season 13 will have:

~ Silver Medal winner pick from  JasonHRB

~ Bronze Medal and Paper Metal winner picks from AtariSphinx/SkippyBCoyote/McCallister

~ Challenge Week

~ Request Week

~ Halloween Games

~ Request Weeks

~ Featured Company Weeks

~ Paddle Weeks

~ Homebrew Holiday Break weeks… Featuring 4 Homebrew Games!

~ Beat the leader weeks

The Season should end at the January, 2023


The TOP 24 will qualify for the End the Season Challenge.

The End of Season Challenge is:


Major Leagues Survivor 3 Strikes Tourney

~ The Top 12 Players will Qualify

~ It will last 4 Rounds (No more or no less)

~ 3 Games per round and 2 weeks per round

~ Receive a STRIKE by finishing in the bottom half of scores for each game.

~ The GOAL… Just survive by not getting 3 strikes.

~ Any Player NOT receiving 3 strikes by the end of the 4 Rounds, gets to pick a game for Season 14.

~ The Top 4 Ranked players from Regular Season will have a hand in picking the 3 games each round.

(The Major Leagues will last 8 Weeks)


Minor Leagues Survivor Tourney

~ The Players who are ranked 13-24 in Regular Season will Qualify.

~ It will last 4 Rounds (No more or no less)

~ ONE game per round and ONE week per round.

~ Finish in the bottom half in scoring for that game and you are automatically eliminated.

~ ONLY the last remaining Player will get to pick a Game for Season 14!

~ The TOP 2 ranked players will get to pick the game each week.

(The Minor Leagues will last 4 Weeks)

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Battlezone is one of those games I've always liked, but have never been very good at because I've never found a way to mitigate the "random bad luck" factor of having tanks spawn to your sides or behind you and shoot you before you even have the chance to turn and shoot them. A lot of the time the game just decides that you're going to die now and as far as I can tell there's literally nothing you can do to avoid it, so scoring well at Battlezone feels like a matter of just playing it over and over and over until you get a lucky run where the game decides that for once it's not going to sodomize you while pouring sugar in your gas tank this time.


Other people have gotten some pretty bonkers high scores in Battlezone though, so maybe there's just a secret strategy to it that I don't know about? 🤔



Battlezone (Game 1, B/B Difficulty): 110,000



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Some strategies I use in this game:

  • When the tanks are to my left or right, I'm usually just backing up, waiting for an enemy tank to fire, waiting for their shot to go off screen, then moving in to take a shot.  Opponents can collectively only fire one shot at a time and there is a short delay between each shot.  Backing up will usually avoid their fire and the delay gives you enough time to safely take them out.
  • The worst place for an enemy tank to be is directly behind you.  When this happens, I will "go with the grain" to steer the enemy my left or my right.  The yellow supertanks move the same speed as you, so if they're relative position isn't changing, don't fight it and move the other direction.
  • When the airplanes appear, I generally try to steer them off screen.  I only take a shot at them if they move to the center of the screen after they've taken their shot.  Doing anything else too often results in them crashing into me.  When possible, I try to steer them into an opponent tank.
  • With only a few exceptions early in the game (when it's still just the blue tanks), I do not take any shots at the saucers.  They're difficult to hit and they divert your attention from the much more dangerous supertanks.  The game is limited to putting only two opponents on the map at any given time.  If one of them is a harmless saucer, you have only one deadly opponent to contend with.


Here's the game I posted on Twin Galaxies about a year ago.  When posted, the 439,000 was the top score.  It was beaten a few months later when someone posted a score of 1.9M.


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Battlezone is fab. For me, I think it's the first real belter that we've had this season. In terms of playing it properly (IE, actually avoiding enemy shots!) I think I'm only just getting the hang of it, but it's a fantastic game. I'm tight on time this coming week, but really hope I can try and improve further on this.


And I'm really enjoying the combat challege too. There's something almost theraputic about it, and in terms of the wider game, it's easy to see the appeal of playing this with a friend even now. 


Anyway, I'll stop blathering on now . . .here are some scores :



Battlezone (1983) (Atari)_2.png

Combat (1977) (Atari).png

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I like Battlezone, I’m just not so great at it. I can’t seem to dodge fire to save my life. I did read the manual tho- Crazy to think all this fighting happened back in 1999...what a crazy year :lol:


BZ - 44,000



Haven't had enough time to find a preferred game for Combat, but wanted to throw a score up anyway. 


Combat (game 1) - 14


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