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Announcement: changes in the Intellivision Homebrew Awards administration

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Starting this year, the Intellivision Homebrew Awards will be managed by an appointed Nomination Committee.

This committee will also organize the new Intellivision Homebrew Hall of Fame.


I would like to thank Committee members @cmart604, @Rick Reynolds, @Intymike, @JasonlikesINTV and @intvsteve for their willingness to dedicate time and effort to carry on with this community tradition. 

I am confident they will do a great job!


Also would like to thank @vprette for his facilitation of the Awards in past years (simply called GOTY back then).


As a function of this transition, and in order to avoid "conflicts of interest", I will be ceasing my participation in this initiative.

I will just post this year's Guidelines (which the Committee designed) at another topic , and then ride into the sunset. 


Long live the Awards and the new Hall of Fame!


The video below from @Papa Pete has more information on this transition. Big thanks to him as well for his continued support to the community.



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On 2/14/2023 at 12:47 PM, mthompson said:

Hey, if I read the new guidelines for the homebrew awards correctly, we should be in the middle of voting, with the goal of announcing the results at the end of February. Or did something change?


On 2/14/2023 at 1:11 PM, carlsson said:

Either the output was so great last year that they're having trouble to limit themselves to 5 games per category, or that output was so poor last year that they're having trouble to motivate 5 games per category. 🤣


On 2/14/2023 at 5:59 PM, cmadruga said:

Output was indeed extraordinary last year, judging by sheer number of releases.

I don't envy their job 🙂


But in that sense, it was the perfect time to make the transition to a nomination process.

Whoops. Missed these posts. Yes it's taking a lot longer than expected to whittle the list down from around 30 games to very likely 10 finalists in many categories.


Because so many of the games came late in the year it's taking all of us longer than expected to come up with the nomination list as we obviously weren't able to play them throughout the year. In addition there were game shortages that in some cases are still being backfilled so we also want folks to get some time to try out these new games and/or watch gameplay videos in lieu of playing the games.

Hopefully this will be a one off for 2022 and that the games being released in 2023 won't have this same problem, or at least not to the same extent. 

The voting period will therefore need to be adjusted and we'll update that time frame soon. Also delaying this is the fact that my very large payment for doing this has not yet arrived. I am uncertain as to why. 

As you were....

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