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TI Microsystems Designers Handbook.

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I'll do the whole thing tomorrow.

I must admit, i cut the spin off it a few years back so i could scan it in on a sheet feeder but i only ever did the E-BUS chapter at the time.


Can somebody remind me of the recommended scanning settings for archiving, 600 dpi ?




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Unfortunately it seems my HP scanner / printer  will only let me do 300dpi on the ADF but i guess at least it's double sided.

So here is a 300dpi version.


I might be able to do 600dpi later with some different software, depends if it's a HP software limit or hardware, it might be the former as it can do 1200dpi on the flat bed and it uses the same sensor for one side at least.


Enjoy and share, 




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 Awesome. Learning a lot today. AMPL stuff I hadn't seen before. Details on the TM990 bit-slicer. Etc. Thank you. Perhaps this should go on bitsavers, Stuart's site,  and whtech once you're satisfied with it?


300 DPI bi-tonal is fine for scans of good quality text. Often photocopied manuals and such OCR better if scanned at 600 dpi. Printed photos are of course clearer if scanned at 600, even if later reduced to 300. You could just rescan those instead of the whole manual, save some work. Your scan OCR's just fine though with ocrmypdf (tesseract backend).


Having issues with the HP ADF here, flatbedding everything for now.

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For Bitsavers, Al wants 600 dpi , grayscale or color, in TIFF format. Al will produce a PDF using his process. 

I’ve just received a retired EPSON DS-7500 scanner, and it has awesome power. Like,  600 dpi, two-sided, auto-feed. I tested it on a 1975 manual—perforated long edge.

Next up is the stack of TM990 application notes. 



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>For Bitsavers, Al wants 600 dpi , grayscale or color, in TIFF format. Al will produce a PDF using his process.


This is true. However, I think I'm developing a fair understanding of the standard he's shooting for as far as cleanup, straightening, final resolution, indexing, and OCR'ing, I figure on saving him some work, unless he evinces some objection. I sometimes find it diffucult to comprehend how he gets so much done, even with other bitsavers team members chipping in.

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