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looking for source code for various commodore pet homebrews


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I don't know how many of those are "homebrews". Minima for sure is, and you might get ahold of Robin Harbron e.g. on Twitter or YouTube (8-bit Show & Tell). I don't know about the Tetris game, and likewise if the sources to the Orb demo were made public but that is super advanced stuff not really applicable for someone learning to program. Rest of the games the the 8-bit Guy a.k.a. David is showing seem to be old school games, both BASIC and machine code.


For BASIC it is quite simple to detokenize something using e.g. PETCAT with the VICE emulator. For machine code there are a bunch of disassemblers, e.g. the old Recomment but then again you won't get upper level comments about the code, only get to see it as it is.


When it comes to assembler, I have mentioned this probably a half dozen times now, but you really want to get a cross assembler, whether it is DASM, XA, CA65 or whatever else is popular these days. You might be able to use an IDE like CBM Prg Studio etc as well, though I don't know how closely targeted those are for various PET models.

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