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Ps5, vintage games and movies for sale. Feel free to make offers


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carts my need cleaning. prices DO NOT include shipping. Make offers. Worst I can say is no

$10 Spiderman no way home Blu ray only 

Wii/ wii u  
$20 zelda skyward sword with music cd
$20 mario kart 8
$20 smash bros wii u
$25 house of dead 


$10 each

wwf super wrestlemania

wwf royal rumble

disney's aladdin

paperboy 2



super mario world

killer instinct

the addams family


mighty morphin power rangers

Nes :


rad racer

rc pro am


wheel of fourtune 

wwf wrestlemania

destination earth star

air fortress 

Dig dug 2

rally bike

teenage mutant ninja turtles


snoopy silly sports

wwf steel cage challenge

little mermaid *label as a tear*


Burger time

teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 the arcade game

donkey kong classics

the goonies 2 *3 screw*

alien syndrome *tengen*


$20 talespin
$25 Joe & Mac
$25 kirby's adventure 

$30 Legend of zelda *gray cart*

$30 Robocop 2 *sexy*

$60 robocop 3

make offer *nes*

Pacman tengen grey. *label has something spilled on it. dont know if its cleanable*

yonoid! *label is really faded*


$10 street racer

$10 bugs bunny crazy castle

ds *all complete*

$15 trauma center under the knife 

$10 scooby do who's watching who

$5 Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

$5 cars 2

$5 Magnetica

$5 Big Brain academy

$5 jam sessions

$5 call of duty 4 cart only 

3ds/ds Cases only. no games

$3 cars 
$5 code name steam

$40 Elden ring 
$30 resident evil village w/ steelbook
$15 yakuza like a dragon * back cover art has rips

Ps4 used: 
$15 among us ps4 version
$10 Project high-rise

rage 2
Nhl 20
$20 mlb the show 21 steel book * can include the large cardboard display box thay came with it*

Xbox 360
 $15 Blue dragon

Xbox one/ series x
$20 Yakuza like a dragon day ichi steel book edition 

If itnhas a slash in the titles then it's a double or tripple feature. All have cases. $1 each unless it's a box set. Going to throw blurays and tv seasons in later. 

The legend of Johnny lingo
Funny about love
The notebook
Percy Jackson sea of monsters
The kentuckian 
Support your local sheriff
Down and derby
The tale of despereaux 
Smokey and the bandit 
Lord of the rings the fellowship of the ring 
Lord of the rings the Two towers
Gremlins special edition 
Walk the line
Master and commander 
What about Bob
The mummy tomb of dragon emperor
The golden compass
Rio 2
Twilight new moon
Men in black 2
The shadow riders
National treasure 2
Major Payne
Gi Joe retaliation 
Wagons east
How the grinch stole Christmas 
Ghostbusters 2
Jurassic park 3
The water horse legend of the deep
Spy kids 2
Miss peregrine home for peculiar children 
Step up
Scoopy doo and the witches ghost
Perfect storm 
Super Dave
True women
In the name of the king 
Straight from the heart 
Just friends
The brothers Grimm
Christmas dress
Cinderella man
Snow white and the Huntsman
Wild hogs
The game plan
Shrek the third
The strongest man in the world
The code conspiracy 
Lost treasure of the grand canyon
Scooby do wrestlemania 
Crouching tiger hidden dragon
Best of the best
Hot rod
Ice age dawn of the dinosaurs
Deadly down under
The wicker man
Lassie and the painted hills/white fang to the rescue
Nickolas nickleby
Karate cop
It seemed like a good idea at the time
Thrill seekers
Life pod
Swamp tigers
Posedion adventure/blackboard
Mazes and monsters
Curse of king tuts tomb/merlins apprentice
 House on haunted hill/don't look in the basement 
Someone is waiting
Legend of boggy creek
Pot o gold
My name is nobody/cains cutthroat
Massacre at fort Holman/hot lead
Jeremiah Johnson/mother lode
The odyssey 
A walk to remember/pay it forward
Journey to the center of the earth 1&2
Never-ending story 1&2
Mary white/ wind dancer
Phar lap hero to a nation
Carrie/prom night 2/swim fan
Bluecrush/honey/Josie and the pussycats
The bodyguard w/ sonny china
The jason Bourne collection box set
Batman forever
Black beauty
The outlae josey Wales
Dr moreau
Us marshals
The client
Mad max beyond thunderbolt
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter goblet of fire
50 first dates 
Star wars attack of the clones
Darby ogill and the little people
Bruce Lee the invincible 
Bruce Lee from beyond the grave

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