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are there any PC games that DON'T use Origin?


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7 hours ago, zzip said:

Isn't it only EA games that use Origin?


Anything you buy from Steam or GoG should be fine as long as you check the specs of the game.

Basically yes, and it gets doubly bloated if it's a EA game or Ubisoft game ON Steam, because you get their DRM frontend and memory usage, then those guys garbage storefront app installed as well so you pass their security checks to play the game.  I had that Star Trek bridge simulator thing for a stretch and it forced UPlay.


But in the end nothing requires use of uplay, origin, or the other garbage, or even steam for that matter unless the developer backs it or wants it as the only choice.  There are tens of thousands of games out there you can get straight off GOG, the developer themselves, or their itch.io style sites without all the crappy baggage but you just need to actually look.

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