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Samurai Shodown returns to the arcade

Shaggy the Atarian

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SNK's Samurai Shodown V Perfect is now available for pre-order for the exA-Arcadia system.


There's another thread on the forums here about the exA in case you're curious to learn more about that, but quick explanation is that it's the modern Neo Geo MVS.


This is the first SNK release for the platform and while some outlets are using language like "releasing to Japan" with the implication that you'll only find this one in Japan, the game is available worldwide. It had better be, since I placed a pre-order for mine and it will be here by the end of the month. :)


In case you are wondering what makes this build different from the home console release a few years ago, I'll quote myself:



-Mastered for 4K displays

-1-frame of input lag (virtually identical to the CRT tube original)

-New gameplay balancing, tuned for arcades

-Restored & uncensored “Overkill” fatalities


-Select your preferred button layout (MVS original or AES)

-In-game character banner art by famed Samurai Shodown III artist Shiroh Ohno

-Completed character storylines & corrected English translation

-New text fonts



And here's the trailer:




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