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Jungle Pant (Jungle Hunt Hack)


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I'm a big fan of Pitfall! as you can see and when I find a game that has enough elements in which this character can be fitted, I am curious to see how he would interact in this new world. Well, now he's going into action in the world of Jungle Hunt.
This time the character, known as Harry, will have an unprecedented move, that of crouching, to dodge the sliding logs of the mountain. Special appearances by other game characters, the famous easter eggs, are Donkey Kong and Pacman.
There is a new danger in the well-known crocodile river, the Electric Anacondas.
The reward for survival is the legendary and hidden treasures of the ancient world.



Captura de tela_2022-09-12_21-09-02.png

Captura de tela_2022-09-12_21-09-30.png

Captura de tela_2022-09-12_22-11-15.png

Captura de tela_2022-09-12_21-10-16.png

Captura de tela_2022-09-12_21-10-37.png

Captura de tela_2022-09-12_21-13-34.png

Captura de tela_2022-09-12_21-11-05.png

Captura de tela_2022-09-12_21-11-24.png

Captura de tela_2022-09-12_21-11-47.png

Jungle Pant (Jungle Hunt Hack) (2022) (Alfredtdk).bin

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