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Apparently so. Whoever bought it has not even made themselves known yet. Pat Contri seems to be upset over how it happened since he was contacted by Half Baked Books when they acquired it. No idea why they handled it the way they did. Hopefully whoever bought it will come forward and get it preserved properly.


Up in the northern Chicago suburbs where I'm from, half-price books has basically gained public nuisance status among the video game world at least in these parts. They're handling a video games is nothing but terrible majority of their stuff doesn't work and if blatantly lied about plenty of it. The way they handle this Atari prototype doesn't surprise me either.

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Pat the NES punk. Half Baked Books is the name that everybody uses to refer to Half-Price Books at least up in my partof the world.


Check the CUPodcast on YouTube for the details. Half Price Books did nothing to help their reputation. Hopefully whoever bought this is willing to at least come forward and get this preserved. Last thing we need is for another collector to buy something and hoard it and never share it with anybody. Far too many cases of that going on lately.

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Interesting. The screenshot doesn't reveal much about the game, though... 😄


BTW, @Rom Hunter, here is it with the prospective distortion corrected, in case you want to replace the one on the Atarimania page:



As mentioned on the linked entry, the labels definitely look as cut-out from the catalog:

The artwork on the main label is off-center, the "by Aqam" text is slightly cut, and by comparing the title text with what remains of the end label, it appears like it was originally too large to fit in the flat area of the case, which would also cause it to be easily damaged, as it actually happened (it also doesn't make much sense that the title does not appear on the main label).





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I watched the YouTube podcast, (plagued with errors btw but forgivable as Pat Contri has always been more of an NES guy), and one key detail that stood out for me was that the buyer was from California. I’m sure everyone here knows that 2 of the biggest Atari collectors at this site are from there so isn’t it pretty obvious who the buyer is? (50/50 chance of guessing him correctly)

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Given the kind of money that was apparently spent, I'm sure that whoever acquired this has backed it up properly.  I always suspected that this one existed in some form, so I'm not surprised at all that it actually exists.  I'm also not surprised that there's not too much going on gameplay wise.  Glad to see a copy finally turned up though.

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