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Help with Making Wolfenstein 3D Battlezone Hack


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Hey there! I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to programming but I’m pretty good with pixel work. I’m super surprised that no one has attempted this yet as I think it would work out pretty well. Battle zone would be a perfect baseline to make a first person shooter Atari game, I’ve seen so many people make Doom mock-ups and stuff for the Atari, but WHY hasn’t anyone tried this yet? 

here’s a Pixel Mock-up of what I was thinking to do with a Battlezone Rom Hack, if anyone is willing to help and give some advice of where certain parts are and where I should even start, Let me know!


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1000 other members have asked the same question and bottom line is would almost be impossible to hack either into wolfenstein 3d or doom looking deal.  But that is technically why no one has done this yet. 


Someone kind of did.  They turned it into Halo.  Pretty cool hack.  You can find in this hacks group.


I see quite a flaw with your idea though, unless I'm not understanding exactly what you are trying to accomplish.  Battlezone is open arena style, as was parts of Halo.  Simple ground that moves when you do to accomplish the feeling of moving forwards backwards etc and an open sky.  


I'm not sure how you would ever be able to completely bring that arena indoors with doors, enemies etc without a complete rewrite.  


I believe they did the same with Robot Tank by Activision. One or the other.  


Better off programming from scratch. 


Just my 2 cents.   But hey, go for it!  Would be cool to see what you come up with.

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