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Apple mac se sound chip


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i recently got into 8 bit music. 

i have a ti 99/4a im fooling around with in basic. 

before this i did some stuff music wise with my mac se? I think i have an mac se/30 too. 

anyway i had an ms-dos emulator i used called soft pc. I dont know if anyone had this or knows of it but i loved it. I installed in mac os 7.5.5 i think and used ms-dos


anyway from memory that is what i used to write my early computer music


ive recently been reading about programmable sound chips in general


i cant find any info on the mac se other than i think they call the chip acs on wikipedia


but does anyone know anything about this sound chip?


i thought i read it has 4 voices possible a noise register and some kind of sound in


from what i read it wasnt used as i want to use it for 8 bit music but dont know

im going on memory but i accessed in an ms-dos emulator running on the se. Im thinking this limited me by the programming language i was using forget but think gw-basic. 

but im trying to find out more about the chip. Any info or anyone with any thoughts would be helpful


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