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Atari 7800 (47 games)(great condition)!


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Hi guys! I am selling my Atari collection!

My Ebay Listing: Atari 7800 Bundle


Here is the description from my ebay ad. Happy bidding!

Atari 7800 console bundle (47 games) (Great condition - All games tested/work).
Save on having to pay shipping for multiple single games! 47 games included in this bundle!

The Atari 7800 is a fantastic console that has brought me great joy over the years. Finding one in decent shape with the original power supply can be quite the task, let alone with great games in this condition! 
In my opinion the Atari 7800 is the ultimate Atari experience as you get to experience all of its original 8-bit 7800 Titles, As well as all of the Atari 2600 titles.
This is one of the original run Atari 7800's with the expansion port on the side.
Included are the following items:
- Atari 7800 Pro system with original power supply and a TV connection cable with an RF adapter.
- 6 Atari 7800 games in great shape. (Tower Toppler comes with its box and manual).
- 41 Atari 2600 games (9 of which come with their manuals).
- 2 original Atari 7800 Joysticks
- a pair of Original Atari 2600 paddle controllers
- an Atari 2600 Video touch pad controller.
Last but not least, I just wanted to make note that the this Atari has been in a clean home and has always been cared for
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