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Where can I get Geos disks?


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When I use my Model 100, I do not involve a PC.  It the same as when I was a kid with my pocket computer.  Wanted a Model 100, but it was way too much.  I write programs, graph data, use as terminal.  It is it's own little ecosystem.


Otherwise, yeah I use modern gear when working with retro and vintage machines.  Emulation helps with development big time.


A Raspi is not a PC to me.  It has limits and is cheap.  But, it does overlap an expanded definition makes sense!  To me, it is more of an embedded type system.  Can do PC stuff, but can also do lower level things via gpio pins like microcontrollers have.


It can be a nice "out" for people not wanting a "PC" lol.  


As always, if we are having fun, no worries, right?


Yeah, Keatah.  I run mine on my vape battery and it can go a couple, maybe few hours.


I also use it on the go, powered by USB on laptop and display on USB hdmi capture card.  On that note, why laptops seem to never have video inputs is beyond me.  It is awful nice to use one as a display in a pinch, but I digress.


I bet the virtualization will be useful, but underpowered.  I do not currently use one that way.


I do use mine for embedded dev, retro emulation, general computing, general comms.


If I can get away with it, I use Propeller chips for embedded projects.  If more is needed, a Raspi is my goto.  In these tasks a Pi 400 works great as dev, test machine.


The 400 has heatsink to run CPU, GPU quicker than a model 4.  Like a few hundred Mhz faster.  Has two HDMI display outputs.  


And I love the cheap ass mouse I got with the starter kit.  


I keep a 64 bit, 32 bit clean OS on SD cards.  Clone, boot to update, then customize for specific purpose.


Retro pie on an SD card rocks.  


My Propeller dev OS is on a card too.


I am building one up for 3D printing.  Server, slicer not sure what to do for CAD yet, and some other tools will make a great workstation for super cheap.


I ended up using SD cards like we all did floppies back in the day.  Did not expect that to happen, but it did.  Lol, who knew?


If you want, the darn things output a 4K HDMI display.  Crazy.


Otherwise, they run sweet in 1280x something, or standard 1080p, depending on one's display hardware.


You can use one on a TV.  The 400 needs an adapter.  They dropped composite video output on that model.  Bummer, but minor annoyance. 



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