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MSD SD-2 Newbie


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I scored an MSD SD-2, but it has some funny behaviors that I think really means I don't really know wtf I'm doing.  When I try to load a couple of titles (GEOS and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego), they start loading from drive 0, but then the light shifts to drive 1 and stays there forever.  I was able to load Zork from drive 0.  I can't seem to load anything but a directory listing from drive 1 directly.  Anyone have advice...or a manual?

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I only have an SD-1 (single disk drive), but the manual says that the 0: specifier should be used at all times.  Therefore, to load a program, you should do so with:

LOAD "0:*",8,1




From what I've read and have been experiencing for myself, commercial disks that use certain types of copy protection do not work with the MSD Super Disk drives.


MSD Super Disk Drive User's Guide.pdf (https://www.my64.in.nf)

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You will likely never load commercial software from the SD-2. While many 1541 replacements have compatibility issues due to ROM differences or RAM layout, the SD-2 also uses a different CPU and the physical disk controller system is not at all like the 1541's. The 6511Q is 6502 compatible, but also houses the drive control and computer interface rather than utilizing the 1541's 6522 VIAs.


That is to say, most software with built-in fast loaders or which bang on the drive hardware.


The SD-2 has its place, but not as a direct 1541 replacement for software which utilizes 1541-specific sorcery.

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33 minutes ago, Virtualsky said:

On the plus side though, the SD-2 does have a superior disk copying ability.

If I had purpose for a third one, I would be interested. It really is a great drive, but it serves certain purposes. And it does do a great job of copying non-protected disks, as mentioned by @Virtualsky.

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