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Anyone made odd Famicom / NES controllers?

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I'm on a bit of a Famicom bender at the moment...


While looking at collectible Famicom stuff, I found two controllers that were a bit of an oddity and you need them to play (properly) the very small number of games that were released with them. So, I decided to make my own.


The first one was incredibly easy to do - a Hypershot Track & FIeld type controller.  I added another run button so it's more like the arcade (they are just wired together)  It would be much better to get proper arcade leaf switches in there (like T&F and Hyper Sports arcade), but I don't think I can fit them in the boxes I usually use.  The controller is very ghetto, without any kind of overlay (yet) - it works pretty good though!


Any one else made their own controllers (I make a bunch of different style arcade controllers for lots of systems)




The next one to make is an Arkanoid Vaus controller. I've asked the guy who did the DIY Hypershot and Vaus PCB, but he hasn't responded yet.




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