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INTV EPROM file mapping program required


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I'm looking for someone who can make a DOS or Windows program for me.

For the right person, I'm guessing/hoping this could be done quite easily.

I can pay you. Send me a PM if you're interested.


When I make Intellivision cartridge PCBs, I need to make up an EPROM file that spaces out the .bin file as per the .cfg file.

For example, the "[mapping]" portion of a .cfg file might read:
  $0000 - $17FF = $5000
  $1800 - $64FF = $B000

In this case, I need to transfer memory address $0000 through $17FF of the .bin file to address $5000 through $67FF for the EPROM file (and transfers $1800 through $64FF of the .bin file to address starting at $B000 for the EPROM file).

I also need the upper and lower byte of each 2-byte word in the entire memory to be swapped. For example, if a word is "$12AB", that needs to be "$AB12". This is to accommodate my EPROM programmer, which seems to require this for some reason.


Right now I'm doing the mapping manually, by copying/pasting from lower memory address to where required. For the byte swapping, I'm using srecord. It's all slow and tedious and prone to error, so if this could be automated, that would be awesome.


Ideally, the program would be able to handle both .bin/.cfg and .rom files, but if it only accepts one of those, that'd be okay, too.

It doesn't need to be fancy... even entering a DOS command such as "rom2eprom test.cfg test.bin test.out" would be totally fine.


Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in.

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