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Season 13 ~ Weeks 7 and 8 ~ Bronze and Paper Medal Picks


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Before this round the only time I had ever played Pengo was the arcade version, and honestly I kinda hated it so I wasn't expecting to have fun playing Pengo this round. Boy was I ever wrong! Once I took the time to read the manual and actually understand the game play mechanics I started really enjoying this game, and now I think it may be my new favorite puzzle game on the Atari 2600! Every game this round is an absolute gem in my book, so big thanks to @AtariSphinx for making me give Pengo another try :)



Pengo (Game 1, B/B Difficulty): 158,520



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Venture Reloaded (1 B/B): 256,000


The only version of Venture that I had ever played is the original 2600 version.   I had heard that it was "not a proper Venture".  Now I see why.  Great choice @Skippy B. Coyote.   Very fluid movement and feel more fair than the original 2600.  You do need to resist being too aggressive in later levels to avoid death.   Will need some more runs on this one to improve. 


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Venture Reloaded - 141400


There seems to be a bug in the game on either the 7800 or the Concerto cart - I got stuck leaving many rooms from one particular exit, disappearing entirely from the screen. I had to wait for an enemy to hit me - which didn’t happen for at least five minutes. Eventually I memorized which exits worked and managed a relatively decent first score.



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Hi! I used to be active in the High Score Club some 17-18 years ago. It's great to see that it's still going on!


I'm a bit rusty as I just recently acquired another 2600 after not having one for 6 years, but here is my first score on Pengo: 57,250


I only use original equipment so sadly I won't be able to participate in the other 2 games.


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Only chance I have to play these during this span. Past month hasn't been time/energy friendly to put in the effort I'd like for this! I did like Venture Reloaded big time compared to the original!


Pengu: 44700

Venture Reloaded: 172800

Crazy Balloon: 8275




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