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Overclocking STARBLITZ for the Atari 2600 on the C64


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STARBLITZ is the first 30 FPS shooter for the Atari with 30 FPS of full screen animation.


GameLoader is an Atari 2600 emulator for the Commodore 64 that adds fantastic Commodore graphics to Atari games by recompiling the source into a standalone executable that runs on the C64.


200% Overclocking 


GameLoader Turbo Edition is a new version of the emu that overclocks C64 Atari 2600 emulation by 200%.


This effectively moves the bar from 1 Mhz emulation on a 1 Mhz platform to 2 Mhz emulation on a 1 Mhz platform.


Overclocking Example and Technical Limitations


STARBLITZ is now running at 200% speed, going from 30 FPS to 60 FPS of full screen animation on the Commodore 64:

There are no changes to the game code, GameLoader Turbo Edition recompiles the source into a 2X Overclocked standalone executable for the Commodore 64. This video camera does not capture it well but STARBLITZ renders fluidly at 60 FPS double speed with no dropped frames. 


Television signal Limitations

Limitations in the classic Television signaling specification prevent Silly Venture Fluid City, the first 60 FPS Atari game from speed doubling to reach 120 FPS:




GameLoader will be released at the Silly Venture Atari Art party Winter Festival in Gdansk. 


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