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PCG-80 Games for Model 1?

Smokeless Joe

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I‘ve had one of Bartlett Labs wonderful MISE devices for over a year, but only recently started playing with it.  I love it!


There’s an old demo of it on YouTube HERE.  At about time 11:05, he shows off the PCG-80 emulation capabilities of the MISE by loading the game Starbird.


The only copies of Starbird that I can find use default low resolution.  The copy used in the video is named “sbirdHR/cmd”, suggesting there’s a separate HR version somewhere.


Does anyone know where to get the PCG-80 version of Starbird, or any other PCG-80 compatible games?  Thanks!

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Apparently, the TRS-80 Model 4 was designed to accept a high-resolution add-on, so more hi-res software was designed for the Model 4. The archives that I know about either separate Model 1 and Model 4 software (the *HUMONGOUS* TRS-80 Archives, Planet Emulation) or make a note about which system the software was for (The Big List of TRS-80 Software).  My mistake was only looking for Model 1 software.


For example, THIS SEARCH shows there are two versions of Star Bird: one for Model 1, one for Model 4.  I was using the Model 1 version and wondering why I was only getting lo-res graphics.  Once I tried the Model 4 version, I was able to frolic in vast fields of pixels on my Model 1 using a MISE.


I'm still interested in what other hi-res games were available for the Model I/III/4 family, but at least I know my MISE is working correctly.

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Model I never had an official hi-res board.  There are detailed plans with a parts list on a how to build your own; then you had to create your own software.  I also recall seeing ads for an aftermarket kit, but you were probably on your own when it came to software.


Model III/4 had the official board from Radio Shack which did 640X240.  There was also a company called Grafyx Solution and its board produced 512x192 on the Model III and 640x240 on the Model 4.

Grafyx software is actually compatible with the Radio Shack board.


There's quite a bit of hi-res software out there, but for some reason the Model 4 got most of the hi-res games.

I have the original Radio Shack board in my Model III and seeing 640x240 graphics on a computer built in 1981 is pretty kickass.


You can find a ton of hi-res software here:


I believe Ian will be at Tandy Assembly this weekend in Ohio.

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