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Modern horror games that are actually good


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Resident Evil Village is great, or are you looking for more obscure or indie games?  A Plague Tale: Innocence is worth a try.  I also enjoyed Dark Pictures: House of Ashes and The Quarry, though they are more interactive stories rather than actual "games."  (The sequels Plague Tale: Requiem and Dark Pictures: Devil in Me are incoming soon.)


I love horror games myself but it seems like so many games try to make everything near-pitch black to make things "scary."  I played a low-quality game called Apsulov: End of Gods that seemed to be in darkness almost the whole time!  There's a section in RE Village where you have to find your way through some woods, also in near-blackness, with not even much moonlight to help out.

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If you're looking for a good horror game to play, you've got plenty of options nowadays. Horror games have come a long way since the days of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and there are now plenty of modern titles that are both scary and fun. Some of our favorites include Outlast, The Evil Within, Dead Space, and Slender: The Arrival. These games all feature innovative gameplay mechanics, atmospheric graphics, and truly terrifying adversaries. So if you're looking for a good scare, be sure to check out any one of these modern horror classics.

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