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neither Mesen nor the retroarch emulator allow diagonal shooting for smash tv

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Controller mappings are

u d l r= arrow keys

shift and enter for start select

,.kl for a b and turbo a and b

latest version of mesen


I am using single controller


Going Diagonal left and down or up and right doesn't work


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Same issue in mesen, can't fire ne or se
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2 hours ago, Frozone212 said:

Up left and down left are fine but when I try to shop up right and down right, the controls lock and I'm limited to just up,down left and right and can't fire.


please help me

using keyboard controls. I'm right hand dominant so I am using the bottom right half of the keyboard K,L , . and Enter shift for start and select


Use the A button to change the direction you're shooting and hold down the B button to keep shooting in that direction while moving. Diagonal shooting should work.

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If you're asking me, you can't.  Keyboards can only do so many buttons input at one time before it's too many and it behaves weird or just ignores stuff.  The fix would be a plugged in game pad.


I just fired it up, it's the emulator I use for NES anyway.


Smash TV works this way on one controller

A = FIRE the way you are currently facing only

B = Hold this *after* shooting with A in a direction, it locks your aim in that same direction auto-firing until you let go.


It works perfectly fine on all 8 direction using a keyboard or a usb controller (plugged in the classic gravis pro pad in as a test the PS1 pre-dual shock copycat.)


Seems to me, you have a configuration problem or user error here.

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