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How rare is the Portfolio Chess card?


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On 9/27/2022 at 9:20 PM, Hawkangel said:

I can’t find the Atari Portfolio Chess Game Card anywhere for sale. Is it that rare?

Yes I know it’s easily available for download but as a collector I want to own the physical media. Can anyone point me in the right direction where I can find it?


I don't have a solution, but I appreciate the problem.   Some of the PCMCIA cards that came with the portable computers were just about useless, but interesting.   I would have liked a Bible card for example, or books.


I do have a card for my Newton Messagepad, I'll look it up later.  But I always remember the Columbo Mysteries card for the Newton.  Like yours, quite "rare"




Personally if I got anything for a Newton for $100 more I would get a PCMCIA to VGA adaptor I know one Newton fan has.   Be a lot more useful, but that just tells you how obscure these game cards can be.   Or maybe people are just really hopeful on the price.


Most of my experience with the PDAs of that era (which the Portfolio was also) was mostly Newton Messagepads.  But I did have a Portfolio for a while.   The static vs. flash ram was just a bridge too far for me.


That is to say, hope you find your card.   Did you get ahold of any other unique cards for the Portfolio.



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Yes, I don't believe that it's particularly rare -- especially as I believe that this was the only game card sold for the system by Atari -- but Portfolio collecting really isn't a thing in North America. I'd check on eBay.de or .fr first; these cards tend to pop up for sale every few months or so.

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