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Falcon OS/GUI


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On 9/28/2022 at 10:07 PM, Koji77 said:



I am finalizing my Falcon upgrades and am in the process of getting an OS or GUI that have more modern features kinda like windows.  Do I have to use Mint? are there any alternatives or options in this arena?  Any help and explanation would be very appreciated!


I'm guessing that would depend a bit on what "modern like features" you're talking about.


I only really mention it because there is a huge gap between TOS and "modern windows" obviously... to standard TOS, even just having a background picture is a "modern" feature.  There are some options even still being maintained.


Maybe mentioning a few things you've encountered where you wanted to do something on the Falcon but couldn't... could help move the discussion in a direction (like for me, it was having a desktop picture, custom icons and things like background copies... to name a few).  Otherwise, everyone is going to come and post their favorite thing... which may or may not be what you're looking for.

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I'm assuming by "modern" you meant multitasking?


FreeMiNT is the most current and openly supported OS for TOS computers, but if you don't mind using old abandonware then there's either Magic or Geneva.


MultiTOS was ment to be used on Falcons, even included, but it is extremely slow...


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Well, when I say modern, obviously the things mentioned, back ground screen, icons .. they eye candy. But more so those options that you get when you right click on an icon in windows. And of course speed.. if mint is slow what can I use that meets at least some of the wish's 


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Here we go:  http://www.s212939144.websitehome.co.uk/awarez/ ;)


Look at Ease too, it's another nice replacement desktop, Magic OS happens to be there as well.


Gribnif wares can be found here under downloads, which include Geneva and NeoDesk 4: http://www4.pair.com/gribnif/


Thing is another, but there are plenty more:  https://github.com/arnowelzel/thing


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