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Atari Flashback portable SD card can behave weirdly

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I will be brief, as I'm new here and have questions about the Flashback Portables, but first some backstory. Yesterday I picked one off my shelf to dust it off when I remembered: "Oh yeah i just got a SD card selection, maybe i can mess around with the Flashback": Here i am now, using a 8 gig micro SDHC that works sometimes on a 2018 and never on a 2017 portable. Its so jank, if you shake the portable it can freeze it for whatever reason. That raised some questions i now have for a much more experienced community: What are some of the stats on these? They use older TV connections, and im not sure if the RAM / ROM on them were upgraded / degraded throughout 2017-2018.  


TL;DR: A newbie got questions on the stats of the SD reader, RAM/ROM, and CPU on the Atari flashback portables of 2017-18. 

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