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Freeway 7800


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2 hours ago, TIX said:

It's actually a 4 frames sequence..  just animated too fast !


Yeah, it's currently a 2 frame + 2 frame animation, I meant a 3 frame + 3 frame animation with three different wing positions.



2 hours ago, TIX said:

Thanks man,

I have to admit I don't know the first think about the technical limitations of the 7800, I just churn out sprites and wing it from there.. 😮


Don't worry TIX, understanding how to design graphics in 320C mode is not difficult and this mode has great potential despite the limitations on pixel placement. It should be remembered that each pair of pixels must include the same color or one color + the background color.


I am attaching an example with your sprite fixed, I think that an image can be better than many words. And yes, I'm cheering for high resolution, if my opinion matters to you.





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Hey there!


Just discovered this thread. And I wanted to say "great job!" On occasion, I have thought about what Freeway would look like on the 7800. So far so good!


I have a feature request. It's a 7800, right? So, what else could be done to take the game over the top past the 2600's hardwsre limitations? My suggestion: Oversize Loads.


I envision that every once and a while, some cars start to clear out and a Big Warning banner flashes for a couple of seconds. Then suddenly, the fattest double or triple truck across multiple lanes comes by. Could make for a good adrenaline element.


I would also be curious about certain types of cars having the ability to change lanes / swerve / hit the brakes. That would really be something only the 7800 could do!


Of course, these could be selectable options; Classic mode vs. Deluxe mode.


Anyway, just a few fun ideas. You are doing great do far! Looking forward to future updates.


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  • 10 months later...

My suggestion for an improvement over 2600 would be to make it 4 player! 


Those with a quadtari could use 4 Joysticks. 


Those without a quadtari could use 4 paddles... Button to move forward, and any motion on the paddle could signal reverse movement... 

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