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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2022 Thread!


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Attention, ladies and gentlemen! This is not a drill!


The official Atari Age Secret Santa thread for 2022 is now open!
And we need your help!

 An evil magician has stolen Santa's bag of gifts for Atari Agers. Your objective is to find gifts and send them to the homes of Atari Agers where they belong.



Join @chicgamer and @CaptainBreakout as we attempt to thwart the evil magician's schemes and keep the holiday spirit alive!

The Secret Santa gift exchange is open to ALL Atari Age members in good standing (explanation to follow).

The Rules:

1. Post a reply within this thread of your intention to participate.

2. PM @CaptainBreakout or @chicgamer with the following information:

Atari Age username
Name and mailing address
Ideas for items you might like (this can be specific, such as a particular game, or more general, like a console you collect for, or even a list of your hobbies or interests); please try to provide at least a few ideas. Send us anything you would like your Secret Santa to know about you for the purpose of gift giving. Please take the time to formulate some ideas for your Secret Santa. Secret Santas want to have fun coming up with your gift!
In case your Secret Santa wants to include some treats, be sure to provide any dietary considerations or preferences. You may also offer a suggestion (e.g., "I love candied Yorgles!").
Please indicate whether you are willing to ship internationally. Note that international shipping can be expensive, so keep that in mind.
If you participated last year, please tell us whom you were Secret Santa for.


3. All responses need to be received by Monday, October 31 (Halloween).

Shipping times may still be delayed this year (especially internationally), so please start early. We will send out your Secret Santa notifications by November 6.


4. How much you spend is up to you, but please don’t feel obligated to spend more than you’re comfortable with.

We want as many people who want to participate to be able to, and we know this year (again) has been difficult financially for many. The suggested total gift value has always been around $30 USD. If you are in a position to be more generous—go ahead! But don't go broke.


5. We recommend you ship any packages sent via USPS during the first week of December. For international packages, we recommend you ship no later than late November.

Please provide tracking information for your packages after you've sent them. This lets us know who might need a reminder about getting their packages shipped.


The thread will be regularly updated as we get more participants.


If you’re participating, please follow through with your commitment so that no one gets left out. Don't be a bad Secret Santa!




As we did last year, we want to emphasize that Atari Age Secret Santa is about the giving.   We all like receiving gifts, but if you're looking for an even exchange or coming out ahead, you're not really approaching this the right way.

To reiterate what has been said in past years ...


Don't be a Bah-Humbug and just enjoy giving and receiving with other Atari Age members.
Need gift ideas?  Easy.  Just think about the member's interests.  Also, gifts don’t have to cost anything (or much anyway).




Good at Photoshop? Great! Print something cool and personal on glossy… maybe get it framed. Can you code? Wow!… do a little custom hack and blow their mind!  


A few loose carts. Look through your collection ... maybe something there that YOU never play, might be right up their alley. 


Have fun with this. YOU are someone’s Santa! What better opportunity do you have to blow the mind of another retro-head?... like yourself, but different?  Have fun... You ARE Santa. ;)  -CB 




Secret Santa 2022 Participants

1.  CaptainBreakout

2.  chicgamer

3.  Isaiah Austin

4.  ClassicGMR

5.  Cebus Capucinis

6.  cvga

7.  joeatari1

8.  CyranoJ

9.  Dopy25

10. FujiSkunk

11. HoshiChiri

12. Machine

13. Armscar Coder

14. davidcalgary29

15. Soulblazer

16. DrMooCowz

17. carlsson

18. Zeptari1

19. lushgirl80

20. imstarryeyed

21. Chuck D. Head

22. ColecoGamer

23. bomberpunk



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On 10/3/2022 at 1:30 AM, Cebus Capucinis said:

I'll get you a PM once I think about it! Want to get some unique answers but also a couple things to make it easier for my Santa-to-be in case my unique answers are weird. LOL


Vegetable oil, a cheese grater, bubblegum, 13 metal straws, a bag of balloons, tin foil, whipped cream and a model of the titanic on standby. No idea where I'm going to find a friendly dingo, though.

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I want back in again this year.  Last year was my first time and I really enjoyed the experience.  Beyond the delightful gift exchange and the opportunity to make some great new acquaintances at AtariAge, the forum post banter is a hoot.  I especially liked when one of the gifts last year took on a personality (see pages 9 and 11 of the 2021 Atari Age Secret Santa forum thread).

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7 hours ago, Armscar Coder said:

I want back in again this year.  Last year was my first time and I really enjoyed the experience.

...the forum post banter is a hoot.

You got it! Welcome back!


Yes, the banter really makes this fun for all!  Feel free to post y'all, don't be shy (please stay positive, but feel free to as much fun with this as you want -its part of the experience! Christmas spirit you know.)

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