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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2022 Thread!


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Wow! I love seeing the gifts people receive every year. My apologies for sending my SS present out later than I anticipated. I had some unexpected delays but it should get there in plenty of time. If not, I'll personally deliver something even better!


My Secret Santa did a much better job than I did. My gift has arrived and is waiting to be opened. I'm going to wait until I'm sure my recipient has their gift before opening mine.

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I am pleased to see that my Secret Santa has posted here confirming that they got their package.  I always worry when I mail something overseas, cause lord knows what might happen to it, but even though they have not opened it yet, it sounds like it got to them in one piece.

Sadly, I totally forgot to indicate anything that it WAS AtariAge Secret Santa, but they seem to know. 😀

What's also funny is that one of the items I ordered came from England, so the item went from England to the US and then back overseas!

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41 minutes ago, Chuck D. Head said:

Alright, only six days left to wait to open my box! Usually, am good waiting, but this box has me intrigued. It is very heavy for it's size which makes it seem like there is a small frozen turkey in there. 

There is.  But it's probably not frozen anymore.

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26 minutes ago, joeatari1 said:

You know, If I were your Secret Santa, you would be getting a Speaker Hat (tm) as a gag gift.


(What's your address?) 

I'm not going to lie, I'm actually hoping there's one in the box. Whatever is in there, I'm assured at least one thing will make me laugh. (On the off chance there IS one in there, I solemnly swear I'll blast obnoxious music from it all day 12/25, or more likely as long as I can before my wife violently murders me. Probably "Last Christmas" from Kidz Bop Christmas on repeat. My only hope is that it will cause an aneurysm before she can reach me.)


And that's what Christmas is all about, hearing the deranged laughter of a fat, balding nerd until his wife repeatedly jabs him with a sharpened spoon.





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I posted a picture of the box a bit back to show that it was received. Now it’s time to at least crack it open and take a peek inside.


and of course the bonus picture of my doggy, Rosie..





I’ll share a picture on Christmas Day to show everything. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


now I have to go back five pages and catch up on my reading…

















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My Santa sent me a Bluetooth speaker beanie as a supplement!! Hahahahahahahaha


Hahahahahahahaha hahaha


I actually used it last night for a legit reason! It has an LED on the front and we were helping with a live nativity, and I could play legit Christmas tunes while pulling boxes from a dark storage room with it on. So a gag gift actually turned out useful too! Double the THANKS!!!!



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Time to open the gift. Inside the package are two big bags of candy (Sour Punch bites and Life Savers gummies), an 112 in 1 cartridge for the Sega Genesis (I presume), an Atari catalog from 1982 and two padded envelopes left unopened from my Secret Santa. Inside the envelopes are Atari Arcade Hits 1 (Pentium 133, Windows 95/98) and Atari Vault (2 GHz, Windows 7) so I have some PC based Atari gaming ahead of me.


Thanks a lot!


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